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Sent youa Word

来源:博天堂官网 | 时间:2018-12-31

  a我们应该多吃蔬菜,水果 还要有一个均衡的饮食 正在翻译,请等待...[translate]

  aGoes to college can learn some things truly, but mainly looks oneself, looked whether you do want to learn any, then you on in order to it makes own effort, so long as you had the goal, you can have the power.I thought the university is very easy dispirited, if you cannot control own, you can any also not be able to le 去学院能真实地学会有些事,但主要看自己它做拥有努力的,看您是否想要学会其中任一,然后您为了,只要您有目标,您能有力量。我认为大学是非常容易气馁,如果您不可能控制拥有,您不可能其中任一也能学会在大学。所以您必须一定告诉自己去学院是为其中任一![translate]

  a我的家乡很漂亮 My hometown is very attractive[translate]

  aGain a solid business advantage. 胜过坚实企业。[translate]


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